Church & Bio-ethics Overview

    • Bio-ethics Artificial Insemination

      The novel, Angels and Demons, ends with the startling revelation that the Pope has fathered a child, using artificial insemination. To boot, it turns out that this child is the villain, Camerlengo Carlo Ventresca, not the suspected Illuminati, which have been extinct for centuries. Ventresca was about to be elected as the new Pope, but commits suicide, presumably from the guilt inhabiting him for all that he had done. In other words, the enemy of the Church is not an angry secret society, but the most official and orthodox of all people. Roman Catholics are bound to be offended by all of these suggestions. Read more

    • What’s the Difference Between Protestants and Catholics?

      Usually when Dan Brown writes about the Church he is describing the Roman Catholic Church, often known as Catholicism. However, readers should know that there are other expressions of the Christian faith. In addition to numerous smaller groups, there are two other major branches. Eastern Orthodoxy, which became an autonomous body in 1054, and is found mostly in the eastern Mediterranean and eastern Europe, counts some 300 million members worldwide. The branch known as Protestantism has existed since 1517, a symbolic date upon which Martin Luther nailed his 95 Theses on the door of the University of Wittenberg, one of the triggers of the Reformation. Read more

Angels and Demonds Truth