Illuminati Ambigrams Overview

    • The Illuminati and the Freemasons

      The name literally means “illuminated ones.” There is a real group so named, but there are also imagined mythical organizations who conspire to hold power behind the surface. The real Illuminati were founded in 1776, in Ingolstadt, Bavaria, by Adam Weishaupt. Its purported purpose was to provide a fellowship for those not inclined to support the Roman Catholic Church, or the official government. In 1784 Karl Theodore, ruler of Bavaria, banned all secret societies, including the Illuminati. It has in effect been powerless since that time… Read more »

    • The Crusades

      The story of “the Catholic purges” in Angels and Demons develops primarily in the period from AD1000 to AD1300 which is often called the High Middle Ages.  During this time the integration of all of western civilization was in the hands of the Roman Catholic faith. Because the church and the various political kingdoms were so enmeshed, a natural consequence was the union of political power with spiritual and ecclesiastical power.  The inevitable result was the use of force to address…  Read more »

    • The Inquisition and the Illuminati

      Brown’s character Robert Langdon in Angels and Demons speaks of “the Catholic purges”. The Inquisition was Medieval Catholicism’s attempt to halt the advance of heresy within the territories controlled by the Church through the use of ecclesiastical authority and political power. Led by a special tribunal, the Inquisition was established in the Middle Ages to discover and to punish heretics and those guilty of offenses against the Roman Catholic Church. The Latin word Inquisition means an inquiry…  Read more »


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