Questions in Angels and Demons Overview

    • Can Science Answer Ultimate Questions?

      Can science answer the ultimate questions? Dan Brown’s Maximilian Kohler promises that it can. But a more searching inspection of the culture and methods of science turns up limitations. Natural science studies matter and energy and forces and interactions in time and space. In biology it studies the complexities of living things, but it stills focuses on understanding these within the framework of forces and matter and energy at the bottom…  Read more »

    • What Is the Future of Religion?

      The dialog in Dan Brown’s book reveals a tension between two parties at CERN. The dialog is fictional, but the tension is real. Some scientists, particularly those at home within the last century of secularization, conceive of true science as firmly nonreligious. Or they may even see it as anti-religious. According to their view science pushes back superstition… Read more »

    • Is There Evidence that God Created Earth?

      Has science made God obsolete? Dan Brown’s Maximilian Kohler argues that by giving rational explanations for the rising and setting of the sun, science has made the Greek god Helios dispensable. In every field, the growth of science pushes back the need to… Read more »

    • Does Religion Fear Science?

      Dan Brown’s book Angels and Demons draws us in by its fast-moving plot. But it also contains fascinating examples of our modern struggles to come to terms with science. Ambivalent attitudes come to the surface as we read…  Read more »

    • Is the Bible True?

      There is perhaps no more important question facing our culture than the profound yet basic question of the truthfulness of the Bible. There is no debate about the Bible’s pivotal role in the creation and formation of…  Read more »

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