The God Particle Overview

    • Dig Deeper on "The God Particle"

      In Dan Brown’s thriller, Angels and Demons, the hero Robert Langdon observes the title of one of the books in Leonardo Vetra’s library: The God Particle. The book actually exists and is in print. It was written by Leon Lederman, a Nobel laureate and particle physicist. What Dr. Lederman calls "The God particle" is the Higgs boson, a subatomic particle that is postulated to exist, but (as of March, 2009) has not yet been detected… Read more »

    • Antimatter

      What’s antimatter? It is part of the plot in Dan Brown’s book Angels and Demons — that is what. The author writes an engaging story – it is fiction, of course. But, antimatter itself is very real.The first particle of antimatter ever to be discovered was the positron. In 1932, Carl Anderson found its tracks while investigating cosmic rays. A positron  has the same mass as an electron, generates the same amount of magnetic field… Read more »

    • Symmetry

      The symmetry is a butterfly’s wings or the radial symmetry of a flower contributes to its beauty. But why do such symmetries exist at all? Why are there fascinating symmetries not only among ordinary objects such as butterflies and flowers, but at the deeper level of fundamental physical laws? Many physicists have no answer. Eugene Wigner, nobel laureate in physics, has seen first-hand the fundamental symmetries in… Read more »

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