Vatican Hidden Archives Overview

    • Vatican Visit

      Vatican City is a relatively recent creation. The decision to make Via della Conciliazone into a thoroughfare leading into Vatican City was made in 1936, and the official opening occurred in 1950. The Ager Vaticanus dates back to antiquity, and ironically was used as a circus where Christians were martyred. According to legend, the apostle Peter himself may have been a victim, and the supposed place of his burial was the site of a basilica, built by the Emperor Constantine… Read more »

    • The Path of Illumination

      Dan Brown’s novel Angels and Demons postulates that the Illuminati had a secret path, "The Path of Illumination." As the protagonists, Robert Langdon and Vittoria Vetra, follow the path, they find their way to the next step by showing their aptitude for deciphering hints and making clever inferences. They grow in knowledge of Illuminati secrets…  Read more »


Angels and Demonds Truth