In Response to Angeles and Demons written by Dan Brown This website sponsored by Westminster Theological Seminary will examine the big ideas raised by the book and the movie: Can science answer the ultimate questions? Has science made God obsolete? Are angels and demons real? What is the Illuminati? What does CERN have to do with religion? What is in the Vatican Hidden Archives? Does science support Biblical creation? What is the God Particle? English Angels & Demons Truth 250 69 Bio-ethics - Artificial Insemination 2009-05-07 The Crusades 2009-05-02 Vatican Visit 2009-04-30 The Inquisition and the Illuminati 2009-05-04 What's the Difference Between Protestants and Catholics? 2009-04-23 Antimatter 2009-05-05 The God Particle 2009-05-05 The Path of Illumination 2009-05-07 Symmetry 2009-04-29 The Illuminati and the Freemasons 2009-05-05 The Destruction of the Gods - Has Science Made God Obsolete? 2009-04-29 Scientists Motivated by God 2009-04-29 The Force 2009-05-07 Symbolology 2009-05-08 The CERN 2009-05-18 Conseil Européen de Recherche Nucléaire [European Council for Nuclear Research]. A provisional group was founded in 1952.]>