SEO Tips You Should Keep In Mind

If you are thinking about making a site but are not experienced in web design, then you should keep on reading. There are many aspects and layers to creating a beautiful, practical, and user-friendly website, and we will now take a look at the essential principles that are good for SEO that will have the gods above and the angels singing and not the demons ripping you apart.

The first one is that you should aim to create a clean and modern website that is not crowded and has enough white space. This can quickly be done by using a website theme that is meant for your type of website that loads faster as speed is an SEO factor. EG, if you create a website for a restaurant, then you can choose a WordPress theme that is meant for a restaurant or food-related websites. If you want to create a resume or portfolio site, then you should look for a theme that supports that. Of course, you are not just limited to building WordPress websites; you can use other platforms such as Joomla, Drupal, etc.  A lot of themes don’t necessarily load faster though as tey have things inside them that drag it down so it may need some seo leeds agency plugins

The benefit of using these themes is that they already have well-designed layouts and can easily be customized. They also typically have enough white space so that the website doesn’t look or feel too crowded. Remember, you need to think about your user experience, and a cluttered website will make users click away from it. 

Next, you should ensure that it loads quickly. Most users in this modern time are quite impatient, and if your site takes too long to load, they will exit the page. So, it is best to reduce your website loading time to under 3 seconds. This can be done by using CloudFlare, optimizing the images on your site, using fast themes, etc. A fast website will also perform better on Google, leading to more organic traffic. 
One other thing apart from that are making sure all your content is optimized correctly and having all your keywords in the right places. H1 tags are relevant but make sure that you don’t have more than one. This should get you started for making sure it’s well optimized.

In closing, we have just looked at a few design tips that you should keep in mind. These will ensure that you create beautiful SEO websites that your users will love.

The SEO Angels Shining Through