Why should you invest in quality?

In the industry, a quality event can represent not only millionaire losses for assembly companies, an error in the production line of a product can affect even the safety of people, hence the importance of the large producers to have companies allies that verify the quality of the pieces.

As is known, in Aguascalientes, economic development has rebounded to its best levels, due in large part to the continued foreign investment in the automotive manufacturing sector.

A large investment carries a great responsibility.

When the industrial growth was detonated in the state of Aguascalientes, Antonio Parga and Alfredo Pérez both workers of the sector found a business opportunity in the services of assurance and quality control. They as users of the service found their competitive advantage that lies in the service, attention and analysis of information for the client, because they created their own project, a provider of quality assurance services for the automotive industry and aerospace , which started operations earlier this year.

Q Value differs from its competitors by providing feedback to the client in a timely and detailed manner of the events and characteristics of the pieces that are being processed, received or sent. The company offers flexible solutions in quality services such as containment, material inspection, controlled shipping 1 and 2, rework, representation of clients in a remote location, outsourcing and consultancy in quality processes.

“We were the users of this service and we realized that providing the client with a personalized service and attention to their needs and adding to this an analysis of the processed information we could provide the tools to improve their decisions with timely information and in a detailed way. We do the data analysis to give the client certainty of what is happening in real time “, they mention.

In a quality inspection, Q Value performs a detailed evaluation of the pieces received of the quantitative and qualitative characteristics and if necessary rework them to meet the requirements of the final customer.